Redditech is an Information Technology company that provides “white-label” consulting services to other I.T. companies in the region where those companies may have an immediate or pending need for skills augmentation within a specific client delivery engagement but not sufficient work to justify permanent staff retention.

Such engagements are actively protected by client NDA and Non-compete agreements to promote trust with partner IT companies for services provided.

Consulting services may be focused on Microsoft technology (SharePoint 2013, Yammer, Azure, Windows 8.x Application Development) exclusively, or where it is appropriate include augmentation or integration with other vendor services such as VMware, Apple, Google, Amazon, or even the use of popular Open Source software such as Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
Redditech also provides agile development team leadership or skills augmentation for either native-mobile platforms such as Windows Phone, Android or Apple iOS, or “browser-as-the-client” using responsive design on platforms including LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP), IIS/Azure + ASP.Net/C# and now more commonly HTML5/JS/CSS + REST services with the use of frameworks such as AngularJS, BootStrap3, jQuery as required to generate browser-based Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Redditech was first created in 2005 by its current Founder and Independent Consultant, Nissan Dookeran as his first entrepreneurial endeavour and startup, providing programming and application development services to the local small business community. It was formally registered in Trinidad and Tobago and relaunched in 2014.

To learn a little more about Nissan’s industry credentials please feel free to visit his public LinkedIn profile page, or read from his current or past blog archives listed below.

To contact Redditech please send an email to nissan (at) redditech (dot) com